We Can Handle All Your Commercial and Industrial Electrical Needs

Locally owned and operated in Abbeville, LA, our team can handle all your industrial offshore needs.

Are you searching for HVAC or electrical services for your commercial or industrial project? Just call the professionals at Advanced Companies. We handle everything from generator maintenance to AC unit installations. Our team has over 40 years of experience in the commercial/industrial field and there isn't much we haven't seen. With our experienced team you can be confident your project is in good hands.

Don't put off the industrial electrical services or commercial electrical services you need. Call us today at 337-898-3330.

Check out all the commercial and industrial HVAC & electrical services we offer

You can rely on Advanced Companies for a wide range of industrial and commercial HVAC and Electrical services, industrial electrical services and commercial electrical services. As a licensed mechanical and electrical contractor, we have experience:

  • Servicing AC units and generators
  • Installing new AC units and generators
  • Remodeling and inspecting electrical systems
  • Repairing ductwork
  • Installing electrical poles, meters and panels
  • Installing new light fixtures
  • Completing HVAC calculations
  • Completing air change calculations
  • Completing ventilation calculations
  • Testing units for leaks
  • Testing fire and gas detection systems
  • Installing wall-mounted and rooftop package units
  • Installing humidity control and split systems
  • Installing multilevel building packages

No commercial or industrial job is too much for us to handle. Reach out to our experienced HVAC & electrical pros today.

Industrial Services


  • HVAC Calculation.
  • Air Change Calculations.
  • Ventilation Calculations.
  • NEC Class 1 Division 2 Modifications.
  • Building Leakage test.

Fire & Gas Detection

  • ABS,USCG, DNV 2.7-2 & LA Fire Marshal.
  • New Construction.
  • Offshore service and repair.


  • Wall-mount package units.
  • Rooftop package units.
  • Split systems.
  • Humidify control.
  • System Controls.
  • Single building.
  • Multi-Level building packages.
  • NEC Class 1 Division 2 modifications.
  • NFPA 496 Purge.
  • DNV 2.7-2 Purge.
  • 3rd Party approval for Class 1 division 2 Mini-Split condensers, 1, 1.5 & 2 Tons.
  • Offshore service and repair.
  • Service agreements are available.
  • 24 Hr. Emergency service.

Projects of Note

Recent Projects

Nakika Living Quarters

January 10, 2023

Nakika Living Quarters
In late 2020 we were given the opportunity to design and procure the HVAC system to condition and maintain positive pressure within the Living Quarters designed for the BP platform Nakika. The system consisted of redunda...

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