Nakika Living Quarters

January 10, 2023
In late 2020 we were given the opportunity to design and procure the HVAC system to condition and maintain positive pressure within the Living Quarters designed for the BP platform Nakika. The system consisted of redundant 40 ton direct expansion rooftop units and over 20 electric reheat kits installed throughout the 3-story living quarters. All exterior and interior rated penetrations were protected by electronically actuated fire dampers. The air handling and condensing units were sized and procured separately and constructed and modified here at our shop for Class 1 Division 2 Hazard Location operation. The air handling unit and condensing units were cased in stainless steel for maximum durability in the offshore environment.

Programming was also written and implemented to allow for redundant and auto-swapover operation of the two redundant systems. We provided a packaged control system that allows the user to monitor the operations of the rooftop units, fire damper positions, exhaust fan status, and interior conditions throughout the building.

The quarters and HVAC system were initially assembled at the clients yard here in Louisiana. Once assembled and tested, the package was disassembled and shipped for final installation on the platform.

Once the living quarters had been set, we met the assembly team onsite on Nakika platform for final testing and also helped oversee/install the final ductwork connections throughout the building.

This project posed many challenges throughout the design, procurement, and installation; all of which were met head-on with a constant strive to provide the best product for the end user. The system is now fully operational and providing comfort to the occupants of the Nakika platform living quarters.